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Dallas- Calgary Birth Photographer

I am so thankful to be part of such a great network of birth photographers in Calgary! Over the last few months we have all gotten to know each other a little better. It’s nice being part of such a small group of photographers that have the same passion! I backed up Julie from Jewelimage. – She is an awesome birth photographer! Check out her work!


Dallas and Clayton were my first surprise gender birth to photograph!! They welcomed their second boy on July 19th. They had their baby at Foothills Hospital with the care of the Briar Hill Midwives.

I was amazed with how tough Dallas was! A few hours after her baby was born she walked herself out of the hospital! What a strong mama!


Birthing Magazine

Catherine of Cat Mcateer Photography wrote an empowering article for the Birthing Magazine! She highlights the beauty of birth photography and how it can help families have a positive experience during labour. Cat is such a great writer and did an amazing job with explaining birth photography and how beautiful it is.

I’m so blessed to be part of such an amazing community of birth photographers!

Check out these amazing birth photographers that included some of their images in the article:

Cat McAteer – Cat McAteer Photography

Julie Miller – Jewel Image

Erin Shepley – Erin Shepley Photography

Felicia Chang – Felicia Chang Photography

Kyla Ewert – Pinball Photography


Jax- Calgary Birth Photographer

One of the reasons I love birth photography is because it helps empower women. Birth is commonly thought of as something scary and painful but birth photography shows the beauty and strength of a birth. Kaylee had her baby at the Arbour Birth Centre. She got to try out their new birthing rope! You can check out the midwives she had Here.

I have never seen a mama work so hard to get her baby here! Kaylee pushed for what felt like hours and she pushed so hard!

Congrats Kaylee and Dallas!

Lucas- Calgary Birth Photographer

Claudia and I had the chance to photograph one another’s births in a little photography swap. What an awesome experience! You can check out her work here.

I loved seeing Claudia’s husband being so supportive to her, he was right by her side the whole time. Congrats Claudia and Radu!

Well yet again, I will let the images tell the rest of the story…..

August- Calgary Birth Photographer

Therese and Julius created such a beautiful home birthing sanctuary. They had nice dim lights set up everywhere, soft music, beautiful art and a pool to labour in. Therese had a very long labour. She laboured amazingly and after a long go without too much progress she transferred to South Health where her midwives continued to support her and she delivered a beautiful little boy named August. Thanks for having me there Therese and Julius!