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Landen- Winnipeg Birth Photography

WOW! Times flies! It’s been a little over a year since Landen was born. This was my first birth in the Winnipeg Birth Centre. It is a beautiful centre and I would highly recommend it! Nicole and Chris did so great bringing Landen earth side. Nicole had lots of back labour but laboured through it so strongly! I loved seeing Nicole walk herself out of the birth centre just a few hours after Landen was born. Colton was so excited when his baby brother came home and was excited to share his blanket and snuggle him. Winnipeg Birth Centre_01Winnipeg Birth Centre_02Winnipeg Birth Centre_03Winnipeg Birth Centre_04Winnipeg Birth Centre_05Winnipeg Birth Centre_06Winnipeg Birth Centre_07Winnipeg Birth Centre_08Winnipeg Birth Centre_09Winnipeg Birth Centre_10Winnipeg Birth Centre_11Winnipeg Birth Centre_12Winnipeg Birth Centre_13Winnipeg Birth Centre_14Winnipeg Birth Centre_15Winnipeg Birth Centre_16Winnipeg Birth Centre_17Winnipeg Birth Centre_18Winnipeg Birth Centre_19Winnipeg Birth Centre_20Winnipeg Birth Centre_21Winnipeg Birth Centre_22Winnipeg Birth Centre_23Winnipeg Birth Centre_24Winnipeg Birth Centre_25Winnipeg Birth Centre_26Winnipeg Birth Centre_27Winnipeg Birth Centre_28Winnipeg Birth Centre_29Winnipeg Birth Centre_30Winnipeg Birth Centre_31Winnipeg Birth Centre_32Winnipeg Birth Centre_33Winnipeg Birth Centre_34Winnipeg Birth Centre_35Winnipeg Birth Centre_36Winnipeg Birth Centre_37Winnipeg Birth Centre_38Winnipeg Birth Centre_39Winnipeg Birth Centre_40Winnipeg Birth Centre_41Winnipeg Birth Centre_42Winnipeg Birth Centre_43Winnipeg Birth Centre_44Winnipeg Birth Centre_45Winnipeg Birth Centre_46Winnipeg Birth Centre_47Winnipeg Birth Centre_48Winnipeg Birth Centre_49Winnipeg Birth Centre_50Winnipeg Birth Centre_51Winnipeg Birth Centre_52Winnipeg Birth Centre_53