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Audrey- Calgary Birth Photography

The plan for this birth was to have a VBAC but after some complications it was decided to go for a cesarean. I never would have thought I would be allowed into the O.R. (especially under the circumstances) but my mom works in labour and delivery and pulled a few strings (asked) and I was allowed in. I’m so glad! It was so important to this couple to have their daughters birth photographed and even though it wasn’t the way they wanted it to be it was still so beautiful! Rebeca really pushed for a gentle cesarean which means the mom gets to do skin to skin a few minutes after the baby is born. Even though some things might have been out of her control she really pushed for that and got it!

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Willa- Life Style Newborn Photography

I love doing life style newborn photography, and this family made it super easy!

I’m still working on my portfolio for this type of work so email me for discount details while I build my portfolio.

Willa Snow_001 (black and white)Willa Snow_004 (black and white)Willa Snow_008 (black and white)Willa Snow_012 (black and white)Willa Snow_014 (black and white)Willa Snow_018 (black and white)Willa Snow_021 (black and white)Willa Snow_023 (black and white)Willa Snow_027 (black and white)Willa Snow_031 (black and white)Willa Snow_034 (black and white)Willa Snow_038 (black and white)Willa Snow_043 (black and white)Willa Snow_044 (black and white)Willa Snow_045 (black and white)